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  • Posted On Sep 27/11

    “dedicated to selling great bikes at very fair prices!”

    If you are looking for a great quality used bike then look no further then TVB! I recently bought a beautiful red Santini from them and I couldn’t be happier with the bike!

    Its great to see someone who is dedicated to selling great bikes at very fair prices!


  • Posted On Jul 27/11

    “completely blown away at the bikes you guys fix up.”

    I came across your site about a month or two ago and was completely blown away at the bikes you guys fix up. It was nice to see a change and some option aside from Craigslists over used and over priced bikes.

    Almost daily, I was on your site checking out the new fixes. I wasn’t too serious about picking something until someone jacked my wheels and left me with a couple decisions. Buy new wheels/tires etc . . or buy a new bike ? Timing was almost perfect. Days after my wheels were stolen I saw the Bianchi 52cm Sixie speed and scooped it up. I swapped out the bars with some shellacked road bars I had kicking around and took it for a nice 40+ km ride out Niagara Falls / Niagara on the Lake this past weekend. Perfect Fit and wicked ride !

    Keep up the great work!

  • Posted On Jul 08/11

    “You guys do good work! Keep it up.”

    Thank you for my new ride. She’s a beaut and rides like a dream. You guys do good work!
    Keep it up.

  • Posted On Jul 07/11

    “Most importantly though, the bike itself is absolutely phenomenal.”

    I bought a late 70s Gitane from these guys and the bike is amazing! They were really nice and very accomodating. Most importantly though, the bike itself is absolutely phenomenal. These guys are true technicians.

    Thanks very much fellas! Great work.

  • Posted On Jun 28/11

    “I lusted for her, the moment I saw her in pictures…”

    After the love of my life left me for two sketchy guys with 4-foot long bolt cutters one afternoon, I never thought I’d learn to love again. You have given me faith and reaffirmation that there’s someone out there, for everyone. While there will always be a soft spot in my heart for my ol’ Bianchi Strada LX, I think she’ll forgive me for my unadulterated newfound love, the Falcon Competitor.

    I was intrigued when I heard about her. I lusted for her, the moment I saw her in pictures posted on the internet. We recently met on a bright summer day, and I knew that she was the one for me. Smitten.

    All that aside, these guys know what they’re doing. She rides like a dream, like she just came off the line. There is an obvious love for quality work and craftsmanship that comes through, in my Falcon. It comes through when you talk to these guys. They know and love their bikes, and how to bring them back to life. Having bought new bikes in my past, there is a notable difference between this experience and the traditional shopping experience.

    I’m indebted to them for bringing to me, a bike that I will enjoy for years to come. Keep up the great work, TVB.

  • Posted On Jun 21/11

    “I enjoy my strolls a lot more! Just wanted to say thanks so much!”

    Hey TVB!
    I am just e-mailing to follow up the Burgundy Glider. It is wonderful! It rides well, fits well, and I enjoy my strolls a lot more! Just wanted to say thanks so
    much :)

  • Posted On Jun 16/11

    “You guys did a terrific job, and I’m totally impressed!”

    Hi guys,
    I’m most absolutely, definitely happy with the 54cm Champagne Miele (bought June 13th. You guys did a terrific job, and I’m totally impressed!

    The day I brought it home, my neighbour (who was unloading a couple of his really, really nice bikes from his car) said, “Whoa, that’s a pretty nice bike you got there!” No big deal. I took it for a quick spin up and down my street and it felt like I was 4 years old learning to ride my first bike on that same street. Only this time, no training wheels were slowing me down.

    Then I had my first real ride yesterday when I had to ride from High Park to Bloor and Parliament. While stopping at red lights and checking out the other cyclists around me, I suddenly understood why those guys with their 1997 Honda Civics and body kits would rev their engines and grill other motorists in the next lane. The only difference is that I know my ride is sweet and a ’97 Honda Civic with a stupid body kit isn’t.

    Thanks TVB, you guys are awesome.

  • Posted On May 25/11

    “my new best friend!”

    Sorry for the wait! My cycling and review were delayed by a month of rain.
    I bought the red cambio rino… it’s my first road bike and really wonderful to ride. All the parts work great and it’s the perfect size (57cm and I’m 5’10). Everyone tells me how beautiful it is too.

    Thanks TVB for being super at fixing up bikes and making sure everything was working out well with me and my new best friend!

  • Posted On May 09/11

    “I would definitely recommend anyone to buy a bike from these guys”

    bought the silver raleigh about two weeks ago. I can’t wait to get on it every day, it’s such a beautiful ride! TVB made the buying process really easy, and friendly as well. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy a bike from these guys. Honest business and great bikes

  • Posted On Apr 05/11

    “The world around me began to make sense.”

    After trucking it around the city for over a year on my old beater, riding the Black Raleigh was like seeing colours for the first time. The world around me began to make sense.

    Solidly built, reasonably light the thing just flies. No more struggling with busted gears and brakes; riding is fun again.

    On top of that, TVB was super easy to deal with, great communication making the meet quick and painless. You get the sense that these guys want to do right by their customers. Not always true with people who sell stuff online.

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thanks TVB.

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