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  • Posted On Feb 25/11

    “She turns heads and gets asked out on dates, but I treat her so…”

    Hey TVB! Sorry I haven’t given feedback til now… I’ve been riding the 53cm Raleigh around town since I bought it in mid October! By the way, thank you for accomodating me by dropping it off on your way to school! Uber convenient!

    I love Ruby Tuesday (which is what I’ve named this gorgeous bicyclette) and was very pleased with my purchase!

    I only had a few issues:
    1. The brake pads were super dried out (replaced them at Bike Pirates, my local DIY bike repair shop, for $4, so no biggie)
    2. You did some tricky things with the fenders to make sure the spokes were long enough and still stayed secure, and while I give you kudos for being very ingenius, I ended up fixing how they were attached to something more… proper?
    3. The front brake line was starting to fray; I changed it up and was luckily able to keep the original tubing (the cream colour that matches accents on the paint/decals would have been a shame to change)

    She definitely requires regular maintenance, however it’s nothing big, mostly tune-up stuff. But I totally expect that in a city commuter, as I’m still riding her to work daily. Yes, in this weather! It would be crazy if I didn`t give her more lovin’ in the winter-time.

    She turns heads and gets asked out on dates, but I treat her so fine, I know she’ll never leave me! Thanks TVB!

  • Posted On Nov 28/10

    “I am recommending your site and services to friends whenever I can!”

    Hi TVB! I’m so sorry this took so long, I’m in the middle of my teaching practicum, and I’ve been crazy busy. Here is my review:

    I’ve been riding my Blue Miele around Toronto that I bought from at Toronto Vintage for a month now, and I absolutely love it!

    First of all when I went to look at the bikes, TVB was super friendly, trustworthy and helpful, educating me about the bikes I could choose from, without being pushy or intimidating at all.

    The price was amazing, and the bike rides beautifully, and I get so many complements about my bike all the time.

    Thanks so much TVB! I am recommending your site and services to friends whenever I can!

  • Posted On Nov 05/10

    “It was great service and a great price.”

    I just got the teal Miele from Toronto Vintage Bikes and it is lovely!

    I originally contacted Andrew about a blue Miele, but he was nice enough to say that it would probably be too big for me and instead suggested the teal one. He called me specially and went out of his way to make sure I liked the bike. It was great service and a great price.

    I’ve already had about 10 comments from strangers about the bike and a guy at Bikes on Wheels was very impressed with it too. I have been telling friends about Toronto Vintage Bikes because it’s great! TVB, you were awesome!”

  • Posted On Oct 16/10

    “an incredible price for a bike of this quality.”

    “I bought a black Peugeot 10-speed from TVB a couple weeks ago, and I am in love!

    The bike has obviously been very carefully repaired, and was an incredible price for a bike of this quality.

    Having looked at other used bike sellers, there is nowhere else that you can get such well-restored, good quality bikes for the same price.

    Thanks TVB!”

  • Posted On Oct 11/10

    “If your looking for a trustworthy source for bikes, this is the place.”

    Just bought the concorde bike off of TVB last Friday, and it feels great! The pricing was in the range of my budget, and the bike I got was more than what I was expecting. I was surprised at the collection of unique bikes he had. I haven’t seen a concorde around Toronto but here I found one.

    I feel that it’s better to purchase bikes from here compared to craigslist. The descriptions of the bike was accurate, and once you meet them, you’ll no doubt have an honest and friendly service from them. If your looking for a trustworthy source for bikes, this is the place.

    The bike was light, around 25 pounds (including all the gears and parts), and was tuned up and ready to go. It was a nice day, so I decided to bike home, and the ride was quick and efficient. Loved it.

    Thumbs up to TVB.

  • Posted On Sep 26/10

    “I wish you the best and I know who to contact when I am…”

    (Our very first ever compliment – which birthed the idea to post feedback. Thank you) -TVB

    I haven’t purchased a bike from you, however I was led to your website and if I needed a bike right now, without a doubt I would come to you. I would much rather put my money into the pockets of two guys who obviously love bikes and are smart enough to have combined a business with their passion in life, that being bikes. Just from reading your site, I would feel extremely confident that any bike I purchased from you would be tended to with great care. Good Luck in the future and I wish you the best and I know who to contact when I am in the market for another bike!! ;)

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