• Doing Our Part

    We are a couple of students who believe that recycling should be the norm and not an afterthought. Toronto Vintage Bikes has evolved from one simple philosophy – don’t throw anything away that can be reused or repaired.

    As of 2011, Canada’s municipal waste generation scored a D, ranking last place out of 17 countries on the municipal waste generation indicator. Per capita, Canada produces 894kg of municipal waste each year. This means that if you weigh 74kg, you are roughly producing your body weight in waste every month. That’s a lot of waste.

    Our bikes are purchased in a non-functioning condition from people looking to rid themselves of what they consider an eye sore in their basements. We take all necessary precautions to restore every bike to a near new condition while recycling and reusing as much as we can. Our mission is to combine our passions and our beliefs. Change happens in small strides, this is our contribution to a more sustainable future.

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